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Course TitleWeekdayPeriodDurationInstructorCategoryModality
A Study in Musical Contrasts: Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel (MUS1-10-Thu2)Thursday2nd Period10Dunoyer, CeciliaMUSOnline
Revelations...in Proust's The Fugitive (LIT8-5a-Mon3)Monday3rd Period5aHarder, HollieLITOnline
The Weight of Ink... (LIT12-5b-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period5bSchmidt, NaomiLITOnline
Current Events: Section 2 (CE2-10-Thu3)Thursday3rd Period10Sockol, LoisCEOnline
Family Ties: The Drama of Eugene O’Neill (LIT4-5a-Thu2)Thursday2nd Period5aBloom, Steven F.LITOnline
Augmented Intelligence in the Workplace (SOC8-5b-Mon3)Monday3rd Period5bMorris, HenrySOCOnline
Advanced Memoir Writing (WRI1-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Roemer, MarjorieWRIOnline
Pat Barker’s World War I Trilogy (LIT11-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Proctor, DianeLITOnline
Songwriters Playground (MUS5-10-Thu3)Thursday3rd Period10Jordan, BarbaraMUSOnline
Understanding the Russian Mind Through Short Stories and Poetry (H&G19-10-Thu1)Thursday1st Period10Cunningham, MarinaH&GOnline
Rembrandt (ART4-5a-Thu3)Thursday3rd Period5aGolahny, AmyARTOnline
Fall Brilliance and Your Smartphone (ART5-5b-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period5bKatz, NancyARTOnline
What Am I Looking At?—Fresh Perspectives on Art (ART10-5a-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5aWinkelman, DianeARTOnline
The Making of Modern China, 1900 to the Present (H&G14-5b-Mon3)Monday3rd Period5bLow, JoeyH&GOnline
“Who Cooked The Last Supper” ... (SOC4-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period10Grace, EstherannSOCOnline
Mavericks: Five Artists Who Sailed Against the Wind (ART2-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Art, SuzanneARTOnline
Broadening Our Historical Perspectives- Black Artists (ART6-5a-Thu3)Thursday3rd Period5aMukherjee, MargaretARTOnline
Can we Avoid Climate Disaster? (SCI2-10-Mon3)Monday3rd Period10Lazarus, CarlSCIOnline
Abstract Watercolor: Beauty Is Where You Find It (ART7-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period10Rosefsky, QuinnARTOnline
Crossing the Line: American Comedy... (SOC1-5b-Thu3)Thursday3rd Period5bCohen, SaschaSOCOnline
Foundations of Civilization: Walls Throughout History (H&G17-5b-Thu3)Thursday3rd Period5bSeliber, MarkH&GOnline
Four Hundred Souls: Unfamiliar Facts and Untold Truths... (H&G2-10-Wed1)Wednesday1st Period10Barta, PaulaH&GOnline
The Private Lives of the Impressionists (ART1-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period10Alimansky, NancyARTOnline
Masterpieces Times Three: From Drama to Film and Opera (LIT13-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period10Schmidt, PeterLITOnline
Taking the Stage with Athol Fugard (LIT14-5a-Mon1)Monday1st Period5aWurster, SueLITOnline
Presidential Leadership, Presidential Power in America's Wars (H&G13-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Kobrick, FredH&GOnline
The Digital Revolution (SCI1-5b-Thu1)Thursday1st Period5bBaum, JerrySCIOnline
The World of Work... (H&G8-5a-Wed1)Wednesday1st Period5aErlich, MarkH&GOnline
Music Unbound: The Rise of Romanticism (MUS6-10-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period10Kozinn, RobertaMUSOnline
The Shirt Off Your Back (H&G4-10-Mon2)Monday2nd Period10Bornstein, SandyH&GOnline
Whodunit?: International Mysteries-Part 2 (LIT5-10-Mon1)Monday1st Period10Brooks, MarilynLITOnline
Pages from the Neurologist’s Notebook (SCI4-5a-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5aVillalonga, MercedesSCIOnline
The Civil War: Was It Inevitable? (H&G15-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period10Messinger, SteveH&GOnline
The Ugly History and Legacy of Eugenics in America (H&G10-10-Mon1)Monday1st Period10Kardatzke, AliH&GOnline
Eastern European Jewish Music: From the Traditional Wedding... (MUS7-5a-Mon2)Monday2nd Period5aNetsky, HankusMUSOnline
Our Radical Foundations: These Truths (H&G11-10-Mon3)Monday3rd Period10Kelleher, BridgetH&GOnline
Photography: Capturing, Improving and Creating Better Photos (ART9-10-Thu1)Thursday1st Period10Sharenow, ArthurARTOnline
Seeing Photographs: Critiquing the Art of the Camera (ART8-5b-Mon2)Monday2nd Period5bSandman, MichaelARTOnline
Will Our House Divided Stand? (H&G16-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period10Schapiro, SaulH&GOnline
Issue-Oriented Fiction (LIT6-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Burres, JaniceLITOnline
Value Based Health Care (SOC9-5a-Thu1)Thursday1st Period5aRattner, DavidSOCOnline
Race and Reunion: The American Civil War (H&G18-10-Mon3)Monday3rd Period10Stephens, RachelH&GOnline
Economics in Our Daily Lives (ECON1-5b-Mon1)Monday1st Period5bBarnstone, HowardECONOnline
Eastern European Jewish Music: From the Concert Hall... (MUS8-5b-Mon2)Monday2nd Period5bNetsky, HankusMUSOnline
Faraday, Maxwell and Einstein (SCI3-10-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period10Segall, Franklin DorianSCIOnline
Memoir Writing (WRI2-10-Thu2)Thursday2nd Period10Wolfson, LindaWRIOnline
Can Journalism in 2021 be Fair and Truthful? You Decide (SOC6-10-Wed1)Wednesday1st Period10Lee, TerrySOCOnline
The String Quartets of Haydn, Beethoven and Bartók (MUS9-5b-Thu1)Thursday1st Period5bRedmond, JaredMUSOnline
Look to the Ladies: America’s Forgotten Women Writers (LIT3-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period10Bloom, KathrynLITOnline
Making Italians: Building National Identity... (H&G12-5a-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period5aKing, AmyH&GOnline
The Geopolitics of the Horn of Africa (H&G3-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5bBelay, GirmaH&GOnline
Leonard Cohen: “There’s a Crack in Everything” (MUS4-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period10Huff-Rousselle, MaggieMUSOnline
Nature in the Literary Imagination: From the Bible to the 20th Century (LIT2-10-Thu3)Thursday3rd Period10Apstein, BarbaraLITOnline
Ten Operas from Poppea to Porgy (MUS3-10-Thu2)Thursday2nd Period10Heck, MatthewMUSOnline
Underscoring with Jazz (MUS2-10-MonWed1)Monday and Wednesday1st Period10 weeks 2x per weekHeazlewood-Dale, JamesMUSOnline
Current Events: Section 1 (CE1-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period10Sockol, LoisCEOnline
The Aeneid (LIT1-10-Mon2)Monday2nd Period10Aberbach, LenLITOnline
The Assassination of JFK: What Really Happened? (H&G6-10-Fri1) [Online]Friday1st Period10Curme, OllieH&GOnline
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy (ECON2-10-Mon2)Monday2nd Period10McKnight, ScottECONOnline
Food in Dramatic Films (FILM1-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5bKusmer, TobyFILMOnline
The Assassination of JFK: What Really Happened? (H&G6-10-Fri1) [In-person]Friday1st Period10Curme, OllieH&GOnline
A Shock to the System: How the Trump Era... (H&G1-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period10Ambash, LoisH&GOnline
The Jewish Roots of Christianity (H&G5-10-Thu2)Thursday2nd Period10Curme, OllieH&GOnline
Exploring Different Literary Interpretations of Wars’ Tolls (LIT10-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period10Moskowitz, DavidLITOnline
A History of the Sonnet from Petrarch to Terrance Hayes (LIT9-10-Mon1)Monday1st Period10Hitchcock, RyanLITOnline
The Fragility of Democracy: The Rise of the Nazis... (H&G7-10-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period10Darsa, JanH&GOnline
The Land Down Under: A Search for Identity in Australian Films (FILM2-5a-Mon2)Monday2nd Period5aSeideman, KateFILMOnline