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Course TitleWeekdayPeriodDurationInstructorCategory
What's Justice Got to Do With It? Justice and the Right Thing To Do (SOC3-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st period10Cynamon, JeremySOC
Our Energy Future (SCI2-5a-Mon2)Monday2nd period5aLazarus, CarlSCI
Marcel Proust Still Searching for Lost Time: In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower (LIT4-10-Mon3)Monday3rd period10Harder, HollieLIT
Mozart's Don Giovanni: A Guided Tour (MUS3-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd period5bRadoff, PhilMUS
Photography: Aiming For Creativity (ART6-10-Thur1)Thursday1st period10Sharenow, ArthurART
Beyond Hava Nagila: What is Jewish Music? (MUS4-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd period10Bornstein, SandyMUS
Cancer: Bridging The Gap From the Laboratory to Public Understanding (SCI3-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd period5bChoi, JennySCI
Critical Issues For America: Let’s Practice Civil Discourse to Help Solve Them (H&G8-5a-Wed3)Wednesday3rd period5aWald, JerryH&G
Reel Literature #4: The Stories Behind Classic Baseball Movies (LIT14-10-Thur3)Thursday3rd & 4th period10Moskowitz, DavidLIT
Luminaries: Five Superstars of the Art World (ART3-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd period10Art, SuzanneART
HIMTOO: Portrayals of Men in Mid-Twentieth Century American Fiction (LIT8-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd period10Bloom, KathrynLIT
From Head to Toe: Some Perspectives on Fashion, Clothing, and Why We Dress the Way We Do (H&G2-5a-Mon2)Monday2nd period5aMukherhjee, MargaretH&G
Telling the Story: Focusing on the Craft of Narrative Prose (WRI1-5b-Tue1)Tuesday1st period5bCampbell, BetsyWRI
“The Interior of a Heart:" A Psychoanalytic Exploration of the The Scarlet Letter (LIT2-5b-Mon1)Monday1st period5bDiamond, DavidLIT
The Life and Work of John Singer Sargent (5b) (ART5-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd period5bAlimansky, NancyART
“So Much Winning”: The Issues Driving the 2020 Campaign (H&G14-5b-Thur2)Thursday2nd period5bOstrower, EmilyH&G
Whodunit? Murder, She Wrote (LIT1-10-Mon1)Monday1st period10Brooks, MarilynLIT
They Have Always Been Here: African-American Artists (ART1-5b-Wed3)Wednesday3rd period5bGoldman, MiriamART
Youth, Aging, and Human Connection: Theory and Practice (SOC5-10-Thur4)Thursday4th period10Bafford, DougSOC
Thoroughly Thoreau: Henry David as Transcendentalist, Abolitionist, and Anti-War Activist (H&G13-10-Thur2)Thursday2nd period10Wurster, SueH&G
Writing With Others: A Memoir Writing Course (WRI2-10-Thur2)Thursday2nd period10Roemer, MarjorieWRI
Plagues, Pestilence, and Progress: A Unique Perspective (H&G3-10-Mon3)Monday3rd period10Grace, EstherannH&G
Meet the Beatles (MUS2-10-Mon3)Monday3rd period10Heazlewood-Dale, JamesMUS
Henry V and Hamlet in Words, Pictures, and Human Life (LIT5-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd period10Gutierrez-Popoca, EmilianoLIT
Four Portaits of Presidential Leadership (H&G11-10-Thur1)Thursday1st period10Feldman, FranH&G
Crisis On Our Borders (H&G12-5a-Thur1)Thursday1st period5aJaffe, EleanorH&G
An Introduction to Modern Poetry: From A Red Wheelbarrow to EZra Pound (LIT6-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st period10Hitchcock, RyanLIT
American Treasure: Mount Auburn Cemetery (H&G4-5a-Tue1)Tuesday1st period5aAbrams, HelenH&G
Major Topics in Crime and Punishment (SOC2-10-Mon3)Monday3rd period10Sherizen, SandySOC
The Lion or the Fox: Literary Reflections on Leadership (LIT13-10-Thur3)Thursday3rd period10Kaufman, MichaelLIT
Color Me White: The Literature of Passing (LIT10-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd period10Brody, LaurelLIT
Exploring the Universe: A Look at 20th Century Physics and Cosmology (SCI4-10-Thur3)Thursday3rd period10Feldman, GarySCI
Seeing Photographs: Critiquing the Art Of the Camera (ART2-5b-Mon2)Monday2nd period5bSandman, MichaelART
New York Society in the Gilded Age Through the Eyes of Edith Wharton (LIT7-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd period10Proctor, DianeLIT
The Golden Years of Foreign Films II: Ten More from the '50s and '60s (FILM1-10-Wed1)Wednesday1st & 2nd period10Schmidt, NaomiFILM
Dress Rehearsal for WWII: The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 (H&G7-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd period10Kupferschmid, GeneH&G
Current Events (Section 1) (CE1-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd period10Sockol, LoisCURRENT EVENTS
Aging with Resilience, Grace and Enthusiasm (SOC1-5a-Thur2)Thursday2nd period5aMiller-Jacobs, SandySOC
Data, Data Everywhere: Is There a Drop of Meaning to Drink? (SCI1-5b-Thur1)Thursday1st period5bBaum, JerrySCI
Russian Short Stories: Understanding the Russian Mind Through Literature (LIT11-10-Thur1)Thursday1st period10Cunningham, MarinaLIT
Confronting Change: Yuval Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (SOC4-5b-Mon2)Monday2nd period5bDanziger, MarieSOC
Introduction to American Judaism (Rel1-10-Tues2)Tuesday2nd period10Guzi, Bar REL
Race Relations in America: The Role of the Supreme Court (H&G6-10-Mon1)Monday1st period10Schapiro, SaulH&G
The JFK Assassination: What Really Happened? (H&G1-10-Mon2)Monday2nd period10Curme, OllieH&G
J.S. Bach and the World He Lived In (MUS1-10-Mon1)Monday1st period10Middlebrook, StephenMUS
Women with Unquiet Minds: Tales of Struggle and Survival (LIT3-10-Mon2)Monday2nd period10Freud, SophieLIT
It Began in Canaan: History, Archaeology and the Biblical Narrative (H&G9-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd period10Brown, PaulH&G
Current Events (Section 2) (CE2-10-Thur3)Thursday3rd period10Sockol, LoisCURRENT EVENTS
Harry Potter: A Critical Examination of the Early Years (LIT9-10-Tue3)Tuesday3rd period10Greene, DennisLIT
James Joyce’s Ulysses: A Guided Tour (LIT12-10-Thur2)Thursday2nd period10Parks, BruceLIT
The Life and Work of John Singer Sargent (5a) (ART4-5a-Tue3)Tuesday3rd period5aAlimansky, NancyART
In Search of a More Perfect Union: Jill Lepore on Identity Politics and the Civic Nation (H&G5-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd period10Bernstein, AviH&G