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Course TitleWeekdayPeriodDurationInstructorCategoryModality
The Piano Sonata from the 17th to the 20th Century, Part I (MUS12-5b-Mon1)MondayPeriod 15bRedmond, JaredMUSOnline
The Golem...Kabbalah to Film (FILM2-5b-Wed1) [Hybrid - Online]WednesdayPeriod 15bMorris, HenryFILMHybrid
The Golem...Kabbalah to Film (FILM2-5b-Wed1) [Hybrid - In-Person]WednesdayPeriod 15bMorris, HenryFILMHybrid
John Williams: The Maestro of the Cinema (MUS5-10-Tue2)TuesdayPeriod 210Heazlewood-Dale, JamesMUSOnline
Meet a Marsh...Wetlands (SCI5-5aTues3) [Outdoors/Zoom]TuesdayPeriod 35aKamm, MattSCIOutdoors
An Introduction to Christianity...Ancient and Modern Sources (REL2-10-Thu3)ThursdayPeriod 310Rumsey, LeahRELOnline
Cultures as Seen Through...Masks and Masquerades (SOC2-5b-Tue1)TuesdayPeriod 15bCoplon, JenniferSOCOnline
Trading with Pariahs: History of Economic Sanctions (H&G13-10-Mon2)MondayPeriod 210Preble, Keith, & Willis, CharmaineH&GOnline
Defining Art Today - A Look at Graffiti Over the Last 50 Years (ART6-10-Mon1)MondayPeriod 110Mukherjee, MargaretARTOnline
Radicals in Victorian Art: Turner to Art Nouveau (ART2-10-Tue2)TuesdayPeriod 210Art, SuzanneARTOnline
Nature in the Literary Imagination: Bible to 20th Century (LIT2-10-Thu2)ThursdayPeriod 210Apstein, BarbaraLITOnline
Conversos: Keeping a Secret Jewish Identity... (H&G16-10-Tue1)TuesdayPeriod 110Sherizen, SandyH&GOnline
Domesticating Vengeance: Aeschylus’ Oresteia (LIT6-5b-Thu3)ThursdayPeriod 35bChristensen, JoelLITOnline
Brian Eno: Alchemist of Sound (MUS9-5b-Tue3)TuesdayPeriod 35bMacklin, KenMUSOnline
Paris in the 1920s: The Birth of the Music Avant-Garde...(MUS1-10-Wed2)WednesdayPeriod 210Dunoyer, CeciliaMUSOnline
Did the Best "Man" Win?...Would be President (H&G11-10-Tue2) [Hybrid - In Person]TuesdayPeriod 210Messinger, SteveH&GHybrid
The Pivotal Role of the Supreme Court in American Life (H&G15-10-Tue1)TuesdayPeriod 110Schapiro, SaulH&GOnline
Encounters with a Hindu Classic: The Bhagavad Gita... (REL1-5b-Wed3)WednesdayPeriod 35bComerford, BennettRELOnline
Italy, 1919-1925: Death of Democracy and Dawn of Dictatorship (H&G8-10-Wed3)WednesdayPeriod 310King, AmyH&GOnline
Journey in World Music (MUS3-5b-Mon3)MondayPeriod 35bHaddad, AkramMUSOnline
Understanding Shakespeare... Four Plays (LIT11-10-Tue3)TuesdayPeriod 310Peery, MirandaLITOnline
Fragility of Democracy: The Rise of the Nazis (H&G5-10-Tue2)TuesdayPeriod 210Darsa, JanH&GOnline
Writing...The Greatest Invention (H&G3-10-Wed1)WednesdayPeriod 110Bornstein, SandyH&GOnline
Data, Data Everywhere (SCI2-5b-Thu1)ThursdayPeriod 15bBaum, JerrySCIOnline
Religion and Abortion – A Complicated Relationship (REL3-5a-Thu2)ThursdayPeriod 25aMichael WoolfRELOnline
Whodunit?: The Massachusetts Murders (LIT4-10-Mon1)MondayPeriod 110Brooks, MarilynLITOnline
Exploring Lorrie Moore: Short Story Master... (LIT9-5a-Mon2)MondayPeriod 25aHobel, MarleneLITOnline
Joe McCarthy: The Man, the Myths, the Movement (H&G12-10-Thu2)ThursdayPeriod 210Moskowitz, DavidH&GOnline
Conservation in Our Backyards (SCI6-5a-Wed3) [Outdoors/Zoom]WednesdayPeriod 35aRegosin, JonathanSCIOutdoors
Three Bohemian Artists...Modigliani, Soutine and Chagall (ART1-10-Wed2) [In-Person]WednesdayPeriod 210Alimansky, NancyARTIn-Person
Mount Auburn Cemetery in the Fall (H&G1-5a-Wed3) [Outdoors/Zoom]WednesdayPeriod 35aAbrams, HelenH&GOutdoors
Appreciating Bach's Cantatas (MUS4-5b-Fri1)FridayPeriod 15bHarel, GilMUSOnline
The History of US Labor and the Future of Work (H&G6-5a-Wed1)WednesdayPeriod 15aErlich, MarkH&GOnline
Why Pops is Tops: Louis Armstrong...American Music (MUS10-5b-Mon2)MondayPeriod 25bNetsky, HankusMUSOnline
The Rise of China: Politics, the Party & Global Power (H&G10-10-Tue1)TuesdayPeriod 110McKnight, ScottH&GOnline
Moving from Sympathy to Empathy...The Books of Lisa Genova (LIT5-10-Thu2)ThursdayPeriod 210Burres, JaniceLITOnline
When We Cease to Understand the World (LIT13-5b-Thu2)ThursdayPeriod 25bSchmidt, PeterLITOnline
How Not to Be Wrong (SCI3-5a-Wed1) [In-Person]WednesdayPeriod 15aFeldman, GarySCIIn-Person
2 Centuries, 2 Pandemics, 2 Viruses and Their Impact (SCI4-10-Wed1)WednesdayPeriod 110Grace, EstherannSCIOnline
Did the Best "Man" Win?...Would be President (H&G11-10-Tue2) [Hybrid - Online]TuesdayPeriod 210Messinger, SteveH&GHybrid
Looking Together...Artists, Curators, and Fellow Classmates (ART7-5a-Thu3)ThursdayPeriod 35aWinkelman, DianeARTOnline
In the Wrong Place...Franz Kafka’s The Trial (LIT14-5a-Mon2)MondayPeriod 25aKim, Yun HaLITOnline
Memoir Writing (WRI2-10-Thu1)ThursdayPeriod 110Wolfson, LindaWRIOnline
Some Like It Hot: A Brief Tour of Thermodynamics (SCI7-5b-Mon2) [In-Person]MondayPeriod 25bSegall, FranklinSCIIn-Person
How to Take and Edit Awesome Photos on Your iPhone (ART3-10-Thu1)ThursdayPeriod 110Foust, EllenARTOnline
Cultural History of American Landscape Art, 19th Century to Present (ART4-5b-Mon3)MondayPeriod 35bLandau, JessicaARTOnline
Can Journalism Be Fair & Truthful in 2022? (SOC5-10-Wed2)WednesdayPeriod 210Lee, TerrySOCOnline
The Land Down Under: Understanding Australia Through Film (FILM1-5b-Thu3)ThursdayPeriod 35bSeideman, KateFILMOnline
The Novelist as Artist: Two Books by John Banville (LIT12-10-Tue2)TuesdayPeriod 210Proctor, DianeLITOnline
Advanced Memoir Writing: Picturing Your Life (WRI1-10-Tue2)TuesdayPeriod 210Roemer, Marjorie & Johns, DonnaWRIOnline
Songwriter’s Playground...Creative Songwriting (MUS6-5a-Thu3)ThursdayPeriod 35aJordan, BarbaraMUSOnline
American Foreign Policy Since WWII (H&G4-10-Wed2)WednesdayPeriod 210Curme, OllieH&GOnline
My Kid Could Do That: Understanding Abstract Art (ART5-10-Tues3)TuesdayPeriod 310Leifer, EmilyARTOnline
Ukraine as Borderland: Its Complex History ... (LIT7-10-Tue1) [In-Person]TuesdayPeriod 110Cunningham, MarinaLITIn-Person
Music Unbound: The Rise of Romanticism (MUS8-10-Thu3)TuesdayPeriod 310Kozinn, RobertaMUSOnline
Page to Stage: Joe Turner’s Come and Gone (DRA1-5b-Tues3) [In-Person]TuesdayPeriod 35bBloom, StevenDRAIn-Person
Current Events [Section 1] (CE1-10-Wed3)WednesdayPeriod 310Sockol, LoisCEOnline
Leonard Cohen: A Pop-Star Poet (MUS7-10-Mon1)MondayPeriod 110Moehring, JulianMUSOnline
Pages from the Neurologist’s Notebook...Oliver Sacks (SCI1-5a-Thu1)ThursdayPeriod 15aVillalonga, MercedesSCIOnline
The City as Character: Urban Landscape in Literature (LIT3-10-Wed2)WednesdayPeriod 210Bloom, KathrynLITOnline
Introduction to Israeli Society (SOC4-10-Wed3)WednesdayPeriod 310Klein, StevenSOCOnline
Coming to America: Immigration in Literary Fiction (LIT1-10-Mon3)MondayPeriod 310Ambash, LoisLITOnline
Middle Eastern Arabic Music Traditions (MUS2-5a-Mon3)MondayPeriod 35aHaddad, AkramMUSOnline
Realism vs. Idealism: Justice and Power in Global Politics (H&G17-10-Thu1)ThursdayPeriod 110Toker, Kemal OnurH&GOnline
Current Events [Section 2] (CE2-10-Thu2)ThursdayPeriod 210Sockol, LoisCEOnline
China vs. America: Can They Get Along in Today’s World? (H&G9-10-Tue3)TuesdayPeriod 310Kobrick, FredH&GOnline
Islamist Ideology in the Middle East... (H&G2-10-Thu3)ThursdayPeriod 310Abu Hussein, TarekH&GOnline
Why don’t you see it my way? : How Culture Affects... (SOC3-5b-Wed3)WednesdayPeriod 35bGilliam, AshleySOCOnline
Mozart’s Magic Flute: A Guided Tour (MUS11-5a-Mon1)MondayPeriod 15aRadoff, PhilMUSOnline
Contemporary Issues in Macroeconomics and Finance (ECON1-5a-Th2)ThursdayPeriod 25aWoglom, GeofECONOnline
Goethe's Faust: The Drama of Modern Man (LIT10-10-Mon2)MondayPeriod 210Kretz, DavidLITOnline
Crossing the Line: American Comedy, (SOC1-5a-Mon3)MondayPeriod 35aCohen, SaschaSOCOnline
Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary... (LIT8-10-Mon3)MondayPeriod 310Harder, HollieLITOnline
The Presidency of Harry S. Truman (H&G7-5a-Tue3) [In-Person]TuesdayPeriod 35aFeldman, FranH&GIn-Person
1930s America: Who Were "We the People?" (H&G14-10-Mon2)MondayPeriod 210Rosefsky, Quinn, & Curme, OllieH&GOnline