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Course TitleWeekdayPeriodDurationInstructorCategory
Wonderful Writers Writing Mostly About Baseball (Lit8-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period10Moskowitz, DavidLIT
Faraday, Maxwell and Einstein: A Brief History of Electromagnetism (SCI3-5b-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period5bSegall, Franklin DorianSCI
Harry Potter: Introduction and Literary Analysis (LIT9-10-Thur1)Thursday1st Period10Greene, DennisLIT
Fashion in Film (ART6-5a-Thur1)Thursday1st Period5aDeBenedictis, LisaART
You Are There: The Framing of the U.S. Constitution (H&G10-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period10Messinger, SteveH&G
The Monstrous in Literature and Film (Lit7-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5bRichardson, WendyLIT
From Lepidopterology to Literature: An Introduction to the Work of Vladamir Nabakov (LIT3-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period10Hitchcock, RyanLIT
Our Mysterious Sub-Atomic World: Quantum Mechanics Without a Wrench (SCI2-5b-Thur3)Thursday3rd Period5bSchmidt, PeterSCI
In Search of a More Perfect Union: Jill Lepore on Identity, Politics and the Civic Nation (H&G5-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period10Kelleher, BridgetH&G
Mozart's Don Giovanni: A Guided Tour (MUS3-5a-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period5aRadoff, PhilMUS
Aristocrats, Arrivistes, and Artists in Proust’s The Guermantes Way (LIT2-10-Mon3)Monday3rd Period10Harder, HollieLIT
The Truman Presidency: The Buck Stopped There (H&G12-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period10Model, GeorgeH&G
Major Topics in Crime and Punishment (SOC1-10-Mon1)Monday1st Period10Sherizen, SandySOC
Data, Data Everywhere: Is There a Drop of Meaning To Drink? (SCI1-5a-Mon1)Monday1st Period5aBaum, JerrySCI
The British Are Coming…NOT! (H&G1-5b-Mon1)Monday1st Period5bBornstein, SandyH&G
Hannah Arendt and Theodor Adorno In a World of Crisis, Then and Now (SOC4-10-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period10Kichen, JeffSOC
Who We Have Become: A Memoir Writing Course (WRI1-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Roemer, MarjorieWRI
The King is Dead: Macbeth in Renaissance England (LIT4-5b-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period5bGutierrez-Popoca, EmilianoLIT
Whodunit? A study in Sidekicks (LIT1-10-Mon1)Monday1st Period10Brooks, MarilynLIT
Justice: What is the Right Thing To Do? (SOC2-10-Mon2)Monday2nd Period10Cynamon, JeremySOC
Current Events (Section 1) (CE1-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period10Sockol, LoisCE
The Neurobiology of Psychiatric Illnesses: Dispatches from the Laboratory (SCI5-10-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period10Fasset-Carman, Alyssa & Stone, BradlySCI
Pox and Progressivism: Individual Rights and their Limits in Progressive Era America (H&G13-5b-Thur1)Thursday1st Period5bKardatzke, AliH&G
What Caused WWII in Europe: Changing Historical Perspective (H&G8-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5bSeliber, MarkH&G
History of American Judaism (H&G14-10-Thur2)Thursday2nd Period10Guzi, BarH&G
Women with Unquiet Minds: Tales of Struggle and Survival (LIT10-10-Thur2)Thursday2nd Period10Freud, SophieLIT
Can Journalism Be Fair and Truthful? You Decide (H&G7-10-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period10Lee, TerryH&G
History of Waltham (H&G11-5b-Wed3)Wednesday3rd Period5bMcCarthy, DennisH&G
Sigmund Freud: First Psycholanalyst or Pseudo-Scientist? (SOC6-10-Thur1)Thursday1st Period10Eastman, JenniferSOC
Smartphone Photography Says Goodbye to Winter and Greets Spring (ART1-5a-Tue1)Tuesday1st Period5aKatz, NancyART
Introduction to Sculpture in Global Perspective (ART3-5b-Wed1&2)Wednesday1st & 2nd Periods5bEzra, RuthART
Frank Lloyd Wright: Flawed Genius (ART5-5a-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5aLazarus, CarlART
Water: Properties, Pollution, Pestilence (SCI6-5b-Thur1)Thursday1st Period5bWeinstein, GeorgiaSCI
Manifest Destiny: America's Long War of Conquest for the West (H&G3-10-Mon2)Monday2nd Period10Kobrick, FredH&G
Another Country: The Literature of the American South (LIT5-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Bloom, KathrynLIT
Deborah: Judge, Prophet, Warrior, and Mother in Ancient Israel (REL1-5b-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period5bBrownsmith, EstherREL
Luminaries: Five Superstars of the Art World (ART2-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Art, SuzanneART
"You Can't Make This Stuff Up!" Crafting Creative Nonfiction (Section 2) (WRI4-5b-Thur2)Thursday2nd Period5bWurster, SueWRI
The Founders of Modern Poetry (Lit11-10-Thur3)Thursday3rd Period10Schreiber, JanLIT
Climate Justice Activism: The Fight for Our Lives (H&G16-5a-Mon3)Monday3rd Period5avon Mering, SabineH&G
Current Events (Section 2) (CE2-10-Thur3)Thursday3rd Period10Sockol, LoisCE
Science and Climate Change (SCI4-5a-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5aFaramarzpour, FaraSCI
Confronting Change: Yuval Harari's 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (SOC5-5a-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5aDanziger, MarieSOC
Critical Issues Facing America; Let’s Practice Civil Discourse to Help Solve Them (H&G15-5a-Thur3)Thursday3rd Period5aWald, JerryH&G
Paris In the 1920's: The Birth of the Musical Avant Garde (MUS1-5b-Mon2)Monday2nd Period5bDunoyer, CeciliaMUS
Telling the Story: Focusing on the Craft of Narrative Prose (WRI2-5a-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period5aCampbell, BetsyWRI
Four Rivalries in Art (ART4-10-Thur2)Thursday2nd Period10Alimansky, NancyART
TED Talks: Ideas You Can't Ignore (SOC3-10-Mon2)Monday2nd Period10Rosefsky, Quinn & Rosefsky, SusanSOC
The American Political Tradition: Forging Ahead with Liberty and Justic for All (H&G2-10-Mon1)Monday1st Period10Bernstein, AviH&G
"You Can't Make This Stuff Up!" Crafting Creative Nonfiction (Section 1) (WRI3-5a-Thur2)Thursday2nd Period5aWurster, SueWRI
The Opium War: The Origin of China's Conflicts with the West (H&G6-5b-Tue3)Tuesday3rd Period5bMacklin, KenH&G
The Age of Wonder: Science and Culture in the Romantic Era, 1750-1850 (H&G9-10-Wed2)Wednesday2nd Period10Dettelbach, MichaelH&G
Neolithic Revolution and the Birth of Civilization (H&G4-10-Mon3)Monday3rd Period10Curme, OllieH&G
And All That Jazz: History of a Great American Art Form (MUS2-10-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period10Heazelwood-Dale, JamesMUS
Penelope Lively's Moon Tiger and the Nature of the Booker Prize (LIT6-5a-Tue2)Tuesday2nd Period5aProctor, DianeLIT