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Course TitleWeekdayPeriodDurationInstructorCategoryModality
A History of the Factory and the Making of the Modern World (H&G7-10-Wed2) [in-person]WednesdayPeriod 210Gander, RickH&Gin-person
The Burgeoning of Black Jews of Africa (SOC2-5b-Tue2) [online]TuesdayPeriod 25bCoplon, JenniferSOConline
Lessons for Social Change...Leftist Social Movements of the 60s and 70s (SOC4-5a-Wed1) [online]WednesdayPeriod 15aFox, ZacharySOConline
Women Behaving Badly: Actresses Playing Against Type (FILM2-5a-Mon3) [online]MondayPeriod 35aSeideman, KateFILMonline
American History in Film (FILM1-5a-Mon1) [in-person]MondayPeriod 15aPaluzzi, LarryFILMin-person
Visual Brooklyn (ART2-5a-Mon2) [online]MondayPeriod 25aWinkelman, DianeARTonline
Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice (H&G8-5a-Wed2) [online]WednesdayPeriod 25aWeisberg, RichardH&Gonline
Reinventing Humanism...In the Face of Advancing Technologies (SOC8-10-Thu3) [in-person]ThursdayPeriod 310Danziger, MarieSOCin-person
Justice: What is the Right Thing to Do? (SOC5-10-Wed2) [in-person]WednesdayPeriod 210Wald, JerrySOCin-person
It Cannot Happen Here: The Breakup of Yugoslavia (H&G1-10-Mon1) [online]MondayPeriod 110Fleschner, SallyH&Gonline
A Brief History of Early Music: Medieval to Baroque (MUS5-5a-Fri1) [online]FridayPeriod 15aHarel, GilMUSonline
Paper, Scissors, Glue, Collage! (ART4-5b-Mon3) [in-person]MondayPeriod 35bSchwirian, CarolineARTin-person
How to Run a Country: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln (H&G5-10-Tue3) [online]TuesdayPeriod 310Kobrick, FredH&Gonline
Love in the Yiddish Cinema (FILM3-5b-Mon3) [in-person]MondayPeriod 35bMorris, HenryFILMin-person
Changing Times: American Art of the 1960s (ART3-5b-Mon2) [online]MondayPeriod 25bLeifer, EmilyARTonline
Great Artists in American Roots Music 2 (MUS6-8-Fri1) [in-person]FridayPeriod 110Ackley, TaylorMUSin-person
Current Events: Section 2 (CE2-10-Thu3) [online]ThursdayPeriod 310Sockol, LoisCEonline
How to Take and Edit Awesome iPhone Photos: Genres Module (ART10-5b-Thu1) [online]ThursdayPeriod 15bFoust, EllenARTonline
Balzac's Old Man Goriot and the Development of the 19th Century Novel (LIT6-5a-Mon3) [online]MondayPeriod 35aHarder, HollieLITonline
Exploring Portraits from 1400 to 1850 (ART7-10-Wed2) [online]WednesdayPeriod 210Thal, RichardARTonline
Vincent van Gogh - His Life and Work (ART8-10-Thu2) [in-person]ThursdayPeriod 210Alimansky, NancyARTin-person
Tocqueville and the Pathologies of American Democracy (H&G9-10-Thu1) [online]ThursdayPeriod 110Zhuge, YiyangH&Gonline
From Sputnik to the World Wide Web (H&G4-5a-Tue1) [online]TuesdayPeriod 15aLazarus, CarlH&Gonline
Ageism...Society’s Prejudice against Older Women (SOC6-5a-Thu2) [online]ThursdayPeriod 25aBurres, JaniceSOConline
TED TALKS: Ideas you can't ignore (SOC10-10-Tue2) [online]TuesdayPeriod 210Rosefsky, QuinnSOConline
Archaeology of the Holy Land (H&G11-10-Wed3) [online]WednesdayPeriod 310Ratzlaff, AlexandraH&Gonline
Journey Beyond "Long Day's Journey Into Night" (DRA1-10-Wed2) [in-person]WednesdayPeriod 210Bloom, StevenDRAin-person
A language so familiar and so foreign...Contemporary Irish Prose (LIT5-10-Mon3) [online]MondayPeriod 310Ambash, LoisLITonline
The Life and Work of N.C. Wyeth (1882-1945) (ART1-5b-Mon1) [online]MondayPeriod 15bMukherhjee, MargaretARTonline
Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet (SOC1-10-Mon3) [online]MondayPeriod 310Toker, OnurSOConline
American Jewish Holocaust Literature (LIT7-5a-Tue3) [online]TuesdayPeriod 35aAizenberg, TamarLITonline
Pompeii, Vesuvius, and Romans along the Bay of Naples (H&G13-5b-Thu3) [in-person]ThursdayPeriod 35bOstrow, StevenH&Gin-person
The Walls and a Life Made Clay: Reading the Gilgamesh Epic (LIT11-5b-Thu2) [online]ThursdayPeriod 25bChristensen, JoelLITonline
Jazz on the Move: Jazz Diasporas, Musical Migrations, and a Global Art (MUS4-5b-Thu1) [online]ThursdayPeriod 15bHeazlewood-Dale, JamesMUSonline
The Material Innovations of Avant-Garde Women Artists (ART5-5a-Tue1) [online]TuesdayPeriod 15aKwartler, TaliaARTonline
Current Events: Section 1 (CE1-10-Wed2) [online]WednesdayPeriod 210Sockol, LoisCEonline
Daniel Deronda and George Eliot’s Jewish Journey (LIT9-10-Thu1) [online]ThursdayPeriod 110Kichen, JeffLITonline
Music Unbound: The Rise of Romanticism from Schubert to Berlioz (MUS2-10-Mon2) [online]MondayPeriod 210Kozinn, RobertaMUSonline
Applying Chatbots to Understand the Past, Present and Future (SCI1-5b-Mon2) [online]MondayPeriod 25bDay, JohnSCIonline
Memoir Writing (WRI1-10-Tue2) [online]TuesdayPeriod 210Wolfson, LindaWRIonline
WHODUNIT?: Murder most British (LIT3-10-Mon2) [in-person]MondayPeriod 210Brooks, MarilynLITin-person
In a Flash: Writing Short-Short Fiction (WRI2-10-Wed1) [online]WednesdayPeriod 110Johns, DonnaWRIonline
How minds change: Navigating divided societies and relationships (SOC3-10-Wed1) [online]WednesdayPeriod 110Klein, StevenSOConline
How to Take and Edit Awesome iPhone Photos! (ART9-5a-Thu1) [online]ThursdayPeriod 15aFoust, EllenARTonline
Joni Mitchell: The Renaissance Woman (MUS1-10-Mon1) [online]MondayPeriod 110Moehring, JulianMUSonline
Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and The House of Seven Gables (LIT4-5a-Mon2) [in-person]MondayPeriod 25aDiamond, DavidLITin-person
Music of Friends, Music for Posterity (MUS3-5b-Tue1) [online]TuesdayPeriod 15bRedmond, JaredMUSonline
The Rise of China: Politics, the Party & Global Power (H&G10-10-Thu1) [online]ThursdayPeriod 110McKnight, ScottH&Gonline
Forgotten Women: Three 20th Century Short Story Writers (LIT1-10-Mon1) [online]MondayPeriod 110Hobel, MarleneLITonline
Meet a Marsh: The Wonderful World of Wetlands (SCI2-5b-Mon3) [field+online]MondayPeriod 35bKamm, MattSCIfield-online
Modern Greece Revisited (H&G3-10-Tue1) [online]TuesdayPeriod 110Grammenos, AthanasiosH&Gonline
Introduction to Israeli Society: Vision and Reality (H&G6-10-Tue3) [online]TuesdayPeriod 310Klein, StevenH&Gonline
Antisemitism on Social Media (SOC9-5a-Thu3) [online]ThursdayPeriod 35avon Mering, SabineSOConline
The Presidency of Harry S.Truman (H&G2-5b-Mon3) [in-person]MondayPeriod 35bFeldman, FranH&Gin-person
Artful Duos: Famous Liaisons of Art History (ART6-10-Tue2) [online]TuesdayPeriod 210Art, SuzanneARTonline